Keep Savannah CleanKeep Savannah Clean

City of Savannah launches ‘Keep Savannah Clean’ campaign

A city wide effort to clean up Savannah is growing. Today, hundreds of residents joined forces to clear litter from Savannah’s streets. City staff say they hope today’s push to cleanup small problems is the start of a long term solution… Read More

Great Savannah Litter Pickup helps Savannah shine

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) – Saturday members of nearly 75 neighborhood associations and civic organizations, rolled up their sleeves for the Great Savannah Litter Pickup. “This is the first day of the last day of litter in Savannah,” said Savannah Mayor Eddie DeLoach… Read More

Police, city leaders, volunteers band together to reduce litter in Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. (WSAV) – Savannah Police are using a new city ordinance to crack down on people who throw trash in Savannah’s parks and waterways. On Savannah’s litter pick up day, Officers joined forces with hundreds of volunteers to keep  Savannah beautiful… Read More

Hundreds picked up trash on the streets of Savannah as city cracks down on litterbugs

Savannah, Ga. (WTGS FOX 28) — Hundreds of people came out Saturday to help keep Savannah beautiful during the 2019 Greater Savannah Litter Pickup. “80 different organizations came out to participate in the neighborhoods to pick up, clean up, and make things different,” said Mayor Eddie DeLoach… Read More

Community helps city to shine during Great Savannah Litter Pickup

Hundreds of Savannah residents joined forces to clean up their neighborhoods on Saturday, as officials launched the next phase of an ambitious litter education campaign and police announced a new initiative to crack down on litterbugs during the Great Savannah Litter Pickup… Read More

Parker’s and City of Savannah to Host Inaugural Pokemon Go + Keep Savannah Clean Event on August 20

WHAT:           Inaugural Parker’s Pokemon Go + Keep Savannah Clean Event. While playing Pokemon Go, attendees will break up into groups and pick up trash in Forsyth Park and head north along Whitaker and Abercorn Street, ending up on River Street. The top three participants with the most trash by weight will…

Congrats To The #LitterCrew In California!

They picked up over 1 MILLION pounds of ‪#‎Litter‬! That’s fantastic! We would love to see that kind of effort in Savannah as well! They also realized that cigarette butts are the most common litter found on beaches. If you head out to any beach in the area be sure to dispose of your litter…

Is That Willie Nelson? – Tybee Island PSA

Check out this new, great PSA by the Tybee Island Police Department about keeping the water/beach clean on Tybee Island! What do you think? We loved it! ‪#‎Litter‬ ‪#‎KeepSavannahClean‬

The #LitterCrew Prize Patrol Strikes Again!

That’s right! Last week we went out and awarded more #LitterCrew members with a $25 Parker’s gift card if we caught them disposing #litter! We’ve repackaged our prize giveaway videos so check them out! You don’t wanna miss it!  

Cleaning Up The Neighborhood

The other day The Savannah State Collegiate 100 conducted a litter pickup on East 52nd Street from Skidaway Road to Bee Road. Great job guys on being great role models for the #LitterCrew and making a huge effort to #KeepSavannahClean! Keep up the great work! Have stories like this? PLEASE pass them along so we…

We Have A Winner

Congratulations to Diane Heitman for winning our latest Parker’s #LitterCrew giveaway! She submitted a photo of some nasty #Litter she found while out for a morning walk! Thank you everyone who submitted as well, we received a lot of great entries!   Remember if YOU see litter, SPOT it, SNAP it, DISPOSE it and SUBMIT…

It’s That Time Again!

We are going to give away another $25 Parker’s gift card to those #LitterCrew members who submit us photos of #Litter or #LitterBugs using the #LitterCrew hashtag! You can submit it to us on here, Instagram, Twitter or website! **All entries must be entered before Monday!** REMEMBER: Spot. Snap. Dispose. Submit.

Angry Eyes Prevent Litter?

Check out this short, interesting article about a social experiment in the UK where people used angry eyes on fliers to guilt those who litter, surprisingly reducing the amount of litter in the area. Think angry eyes would guilt others into not littering? What are your thoughts?

A Cure For Gum Litter?

Check out this great, short article about a new way to recycle chewing gum that’s been developed in the UK! “Passersby can simply dump any unwanted chewing gum into the bright pink gumdrop-like receptacles that have been installed across the city of London.” What do you think of this contraption? We think it’s a brilliant…

Today Is #GivingTuesday!

Today is Giving Tuesday! #GivingTuesday connects diverse groups of individuals, communities and organizations around the world for one common purpose: to celebrate and encourage giving. Giving Tuesday harnesses the potential of social media and the generosity of people around the world to bring about real change in their communities; it provides a platform for them…

Roadway Litterbugs As Told By “The Simpsons”

Check out this comical take from The Simpsons on roadway litterbugs with guest star Bette Midler! This video about sums up our opinion on roadway litterbugs. If only Bette could help us in Savannah! What do you think?

Brightening The Black Friday Traditions

“Volunteering ” even if it’s just picking up litter or walking an elderly neighbor’s dog ” would take the ‘black’ out of Black Friday. You’ll not only be bypassing the madness of consumerism-on-steroids, but you’ll be brightening the world for those around you.” Check out this little blog article about taking the “Black” stories of…

Happy Thanksgiving!

We just wanted to say thanks for supporting the #KeepSavannahClean #LitterCrew campaign and helping keep this city looking mighty fine! We truly appreciate your support and participation. We also wanted to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you enjoy the time with your family while you chow down on a delicious meal!

Kids In The Community:

Last week we met with the Keep Savannah Clean High School Leadership Council, featuring high school students from several schools in the area, each promoting anti-litter campaigns at their schools, to discuss the best ways in which they can team up with the city to help #KeepSavannahClean and inspire others to do the same. We…

Biodegradable Plastics Are Not The Answer To Reducing Marine Litter, UN Says:

“Once in the ocean, plastic does not go away, but breaks down into microplastic particles. This report shows there are no quick fixes, and a more responsible approach to managing the lifecycle of plastics will be needed to reduce their impacts on our oceans and ecosystems.” Check out this interesting article about the UN’s view…

Making A Difference In The Community And Environment:

High school student Brandon and his friend cleaned up trash at a local pond that recently turned into a sewage dump site as well as helped relocate several of the inhabiting wildlife, such as snapping turtles and catfish, into a cleaner pond nearby! Way to be a great #LitterCrew member and setting a great example…

Meet The Litter Lady

Meet Elizabeth, an 80-year old #LitterCrew member making a difference in her community. Her story is quite fascinating and inspirational! Do give it a quick read or watch the short video! Has she inspired you to #KeepSavannahClean?

Not Your Typical #LitterCrew Members

Check out this adorable, talented Boston Terrier duo that picks up #Litter! If they can do it, us humans can, too! Think we should get some Boston Terriers around the city to help #KeepSavannahClean?

Nasty Litter Bugs – A Humorous Throwback

Check out this crazy, comical news story from 45 years ago about a whale carcass that washed up on shore in Oregon and how people decided to “spread” awareness about cleaning it up. Quite baffling and entertaining. Can you believe they did this? Who thought this was a good idea?

#LitterCrew Member Finds Gun On Highway

We came across this scary news story a few days ago about an 8-year old boy, out picking up #litter with his family and peers, only to come across a loaded handgun on the side of the road. Check out this short video about the incident and how the man behind the cleanup inspired kids…

We Have A Winner!

Congrats to #LitterCrew member Jennifer M for winning a $25 Parker’s Gift Card for submitting a #LitterBug to us! If you’d like to be entered for a chance to win a $25 Parker’s Gift Card then snap some photos of #Litter or #LitterBugs and send them to us using the #LitterCrew hashtag! You can send…

How To Recycle A Mattress

Some of our #LitterCrew members on Facebook raised some questions about how to properly dispose of a mattress and box spring after our post the other day about the #littered mattress/box spring on the curb. So we decided to look into it and share with YOU some helpful tips/advice should you ever be in that situation…

Another Cigarette Butt Head

Thanks to another #LitterCrew member for snapping a photo of this #LitterBug cigarette butt head! This time someone threw their cigarette butt out the window on the Isle of Armstrong! Unreal! Why do people this is ok?   If you see a #LitterBug, snap a photo and send it to us! You’ll be entered for a…

Mr. Sandman, Bring Me A Dumpster

Apparently Mr. Sandman couldn’t get there in time to bring this #LitterBug a dumpster. Whomever dropped these off should’ve disposed of them properly than donating them to the curb. We caught you!   Thank you to #LitterCrew member Diane H. for snapping this photo and sharing it with us! We appreciate you helping #KeepSavannahClean!

Cigarette Butt Head

Thanks to a #LitterCrew member for bring this #LitterBug to our attention! They were caught throwing their cigarette butt out the window! Just horrible! The environment is NOT your public trash can!   If you see a #LitterBug, snap a photo and send it to us! You could be entered to win a $25 Parker’s…

Volunteering Makes A Difference Everywhere

Check out this great article by Bill Hand, a gentleman from North Carolina who decided to volunteer to help clean up his environment. He not only appreciated what he was doing, but appreciated all who take the time to keep the environment clean as it is such a hard task to do so. Perhaps this…

Wanna Learn How To Help Keep America Clean?

To see ways you can help Keep America Beautiful as well as information on just how harmful litter really is to our environment, check out, the official website of Keep America Beautiful! Here you’ll find tons of statistics and other great information you can share with others! Check it out as it may help…

Paper, Paper, Get Your Paper Outta Here!

Thanks to a #LitterCrew member for sharing this newspaper #LitterBug with us! If you happen to see a newspaper distribution company littering like this PLEASE contact Sanitation at 311 to see if they can help put a stop to this! If you see #Litter on the ground be sure to submit it to us as you…

A Scary Sight

Although Halloween was just a few days ago, we saw this scary sight today. If the compactor in your neighborhood or area is full, don’t leave your trash outside of it like this. This leads to laziness, as seen by the piles from others, and most importantly, littering. This is considered littering as your trash…

Wright Square Litter Social Experiment

A week or so ago we tried another litter social experiment in Wright Square. #LitterCrew members picked it up so fast that we didn’t even have a chance to film them performing the good deed to #KeepSavannahClean. However, we were able to interview them and this is what they had to say after we rewarded…

Halloween Litter Crew Crusader Of The Night

On Halloween we came across a woman, seen here in yellow, spill her drink all over herself then leave it on the ground. Several minutes later a #LitterCrew crusader of the night emerged from the shadows and picked it up! We’re not sure who this person was, but our city needs you to help #KeepSavannahClean!…

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! We hope everyone has a fun and safe Halloween! Hope you get lots of delicious candy and enjoy the time with friends and family in the Halloween spirit! Don’t forget to keep Savannah clean by disposing your candy wrappers when you’re done! Enjoy!

We Want To Hear From YOU!

That’s right, you read that correctly! We want to hear from YOU! Are there topics you’d like us to cover/address? Are there other litter news/techniques you’d like us to share? Want more contests? Don’t like something? Have more ideas? Let us know! YOUR OPINION MATTERS! Feel free to comment or send us a message on Facebook, Twitter…

The TRUE Cost of Litter

Check out this chart displaying the impact litter has on our environment financially, quite eye opening! These numbers are in the millions as well! Let’s do our best to lower these costs by keeping Savannah clean!   Chart from:

YOU Can Win a $25 Parker’s Gift Card!

Remember all YOU have to do is take a photo either when you see someone littering or you spot litter on the ground. Just tag us with #LitterCrew and post it on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our website! If you do, you will be eligible to win a $25 Parker’s gift card! It’s that…

Johnson Square Litter Social Experiment Video

Due to the success of our Forsyth Park litter social experiment we decided to try it in Johnson Square and reward more people with Parker’s gift cards who went out of their way to help Keep Savannah Clean! This time you’d be surprised who picked up the litter! Check it out on our Facebook page!

Savannah Classical Academy Makes A Difference In The Community

Days ago the Savannah Classical Academy took to the streets to help #KeepSavannahClean! These kids set a great example as #LitterCrew members, hopefully inspiring others of all ages to do the same! Way to go, kids!

Caught Another #LitterBug!

Thanks to #LitterCrew member, Will, for spotting this #LiterBug at the corner of Bull and Victory the other day! Apparently this car threw several soda cans out their window and drove off. Just horrible! Thanks, Will, for keeping an eye out and helping raise awareness to #KeepSavannahClean!

We’re Giving Away Parker’s Gift Cards!

TODAY we will be giving away some Parker’s gift cards if we catch YOU picking up #Litter! That’s right, all you have to do is help #KeepSavannahClean and you could be rewarded for your good deed! You may be featured in a new video as well! OR If YOU catch someone littering or find litter, snap a photo…

DID YOU KNOW? Cigarette Littering Facts Video

Be sure to check out our Facebook  page to see a short, eye opening factual video about cigarette littering. You may realize just how much of a problem cigarettes are for our environment besides for your health!    

DID YOU KNOW?: Litter has SERIOUS Consequences

Did you know #Litter has some serious consequences, including jail time? Quite scary isn’t it? Don’t be a #LitterBug!   Remember to #KeepSavannahClean and join the #LitterCrew today!

REMINDER: Clean Up Event TOMORROW 10/17

Just a reminder that if you would like to partake in the Edgemere/Sackville Clean-Up event TOMORROW you will need to call (912) 356-1233! We hope to see you there! For more details see the photo attached.

Follow Us On Instagram!

If you have Instagram, give us a follow at We post all the time with what we call “Pretty Litter,” sharing ways to #KeepSavannahClean and how to be a part of the ever growing #LitterCrew! Also, if you submit photos to us of people littering with #LitterCrew, we will enter you in our weekly…

Keep Savannah’s Water Clean

Yesterday we shared a short informational video on Savannah’s water, depicting what seems to be floating around in our water. Check it out and see how YOU can make a difference to keep it clean. See the video at:   Photo by: @SavannahBowTie on Instagram

Calling All Dog Owners

The other day one of our supporters, Carolyn, brought a dog walker to our attention. When you walk a dog be sure to pick up after them as their excrement is considered litter. Unfortunately someone else will have to pick up after them. To avoid this, be sure to bring a bag or a scooper…

Litter Social Experiment Video

Last week we tried a litter social experiment in Forsyth Park. The results were quite eye opening. Check out our Facebook page,, t0 see the video that’s got everyone talking!    

Neighborhood Clean Up Opportunity

WHAT: Edgemere/Sackville Neighborhood Clean Up WHEN: October 17, 2015 – 9am-12pm WHERE: Meet at East Savannah Church of God (1116 East 57th St.) Invite your friends and neighbors to join in and enjoy the Cookout afterward at the meeting location! Check out our great sponsors as well! CALL (912)-356-1233 TO GET INVOLVED! Hope to see…

Islands Expressway sunroof

Driving back towards downtown on Islands Expressway, this Ford Focus HYBRID opened its sunroof and flicked his lit cigarette out.

Dumping the entire cigarette tray in the road.

At the intersection of Largo and Abercorn. Around 3:30 pm the driver made a u-turn at the light and entered into the Logan’s parking lot.

Cigarettes are litter!

The passenger in this car threw out a cigarette butt on 204!! Disgusting!


He threw his cigarette out the window. Is the world your trash can, man?

Naughty passenger

At the intersection of Drayton and Victory. Passenger tosses plastic cup and spoon out the window.

Drive-Thru Litter

Sunday, 8/16/2015, about 3PM, Zaxby’s drive-thru line (Skidaway & Victory). While waiting in line, the passenger in this vehicle threw something out the window right in front of me. The insert (lower-right) shows the litter.

Litter on Truman

This woman rolled her window down and threw paper out as she merged onto  Truman. She knew what she was doing was wrong because she sped up, cut me off and tried to rush ahead after I saw her litter.

Feed the birds on a highway?

My wife and I carpool to and from work. I work for G.A. Dept. of Corrections and my wife works at Social Security ODAR. On the way home at about 4:15  on SR21 northbound I observed the following: The guy got out of his truck and brushed the fries on to the road (by his…

Phi Beta Sigma Adopt-A-Street- Staley Avenue

Phi Beta Sigma has partnered with Keep Savannah Beautiful to adopt Staley Avenue. Pictured are members of the fraternity gathering bags of trash.

Dumping trash on ground

Placed trash bag on the ground at Ferguson Ave. by the Kroger and drove away.

Another Pile of Trash off Oglethorpe

Second pile off the Talmadge bridge ramp to Oglethorpe just in case they missed the first pile.

First impressions……

View coming off the Talmadge bridge on to Oglethorpe, trash from the people living under the bridge.

Litterbug on I-16

Yikes, litterbugs are everywhere! One of our #LitterCrew members states, “They just tossed trash out the window on I-16!” The roads are dangerous enough without your litter flying and distracting our drivers.

Corn Tosser

What is it with people throwing corn out of their cars? One of our #LitterCrew members caught this litterbug in action! “I was driving my car and the driver of the front car threw corn.”

Candy Wrapper

Now what kind of “Hostess City” would we be if we didn’t clean up after ourselves? We stumbled across this sunflower seed wrapper in Madison Square in downtown Savannah. Sites like this sure take away from the natural BEAUTY that our city has to offer. Please think before you throw + be kinder to our…

Victory Drive

“On victory drive and saw this car throw out there fast food trash on the side of the road.” #LitterCrew

Can Toss

“This morning on my way to work this truck threw 3 cans out the window. One of which hit my car. Just terrible!” #LitterCrew

Here’s a strange one for you…

Caught this red car tossing a pizza box from their car! #LitterCrew

Litter Bug

I saw this lady throwing a bunch of trash out of the driver side window on Skidaway!!! #LitterCrew

Highway Litterbug

Just saw this person throw out their cigarette butt on the NB 95 exit at Port Wentworth! #LitterCrew

Robinson Garage

Litter found in the Robinson Garage. #LitterCrew

Our great taxis

Stopped at Whitaker and W Henry. Taxi opens door and unloads trash including big gulp. #LitterCrew

Parking Garage Cigarette Toss

Cigarette thrown out of the window of this car as they entered the Whitaker Street Parking Garage. #LitterCrew

Bouquet of Trash

A bouquet of trash welcomed me this morning. #LitterCrew


There’s a female litterbug driving this Mini. After she enjoyed her cancer stick she tossed the butt in storm drain near White Bluff and DeRenne.

Corn on the Cob

I thought this car threw out a corn cob just before going over the Bull River Bridge. Then after thinking about it a while, I must have been wrong. Who would be eating an ear of corn in their car?

Frank Callen cont.

Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club dumpster. Wide open and spewing trash into the neighborhood.

Frank Callen

You may be talking to the Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club, but they’re not listening. Today’s curbside trash.

More on 204

More on 204…


ALL THE WAY DOWN HWY 204. And this is just what I could capture when traffic was stopped. Taking in the whole of it was far worse. This is what people see when they come to our city.

Bully Mom from Maryland

subaru with sticker “Bully Mom” just tossed her cigarette butt out of her car at the corner of Abercorn & Victory. Maryland tag on car.

Marsh trash

Taken off LaRoche Rd

Target Trash #2

Overflowing trash can at the Target off of Victory Drive. #LitterCrew

Target Trash

Target off Victory. Yuck diaper 20 feet from the yuck trash can! #LitterCrew

Hardee’s Cup

Wasn’t smiling when I found this Hardee’s cup in the Whole Foods parking lot. #LitterCrew

Saints and Shamrocks

“Saints and Shamrocks on Bull Street there is always trash in the alley behind this business and this picture is the cleanest I’ve ever seen it.” #LitterCrew

Aluminum Bottles

Trash at Park and Ott. #LitterCrew

204 Trash

This guy threw all of this trash out of his window while sitting in rush hour traffic on 204. #LitterCrew

Gordonston Signs

Since you asked earlier, I wanted to share these signs I made for my corner in Gordonston where people see my bushes and throw the litter into them as if they’re hiding it. I thought about posting “City” looking signs or you know, “Get Mad” kind, but thought making these “Kill’em with kindness” types are…

Before & After

Before + After #LitterCrew

Mattress in the Woods?

Someone’s idea of cheap rent on Park Ave? #LitterCrew

Sergeant McMinn

“Meet Sergeant McMinn! Today as I was walking my dog in the Gordonston area I saw McMinn walking down Skidaway picking up the trash that people throw out of their cars. He was picking the trash up because he said he was sick of looking at it. He is so Awesome! Thank you!”

Cigarette Toss

“That cigarette on the ground is the one she threw out her window. Taken on the ramp off of Truman and Victory.” #LitterCrew


Shame on SAV

#littercrew I support your initiative to clean SAV, but before “shaming” others make sure our “house is in order”! Overflowing trash cans are commonplace throughout town especially on the weekends when it seems the city employees are all off duty.

Litter in the Manatee Preserve

Timber Trail in Richmond Hill would be a pristine roadway were it not for the hundreds of Parkers styrofoam cups and meat snack wrappers. Many wash into Stirling creek, a federally recognized Manatee habitat. I have never seen a manatee in that tidal creek. Does styrofoam kill manatees? #LitterCrew

Bathing Suit Liners

Another “lovely” photo from Tybee.

Cigarette Butts

“There’s plenty more where that came from!” #LitterCrew

Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club

The Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club continues to be a hot spot for littering. We should be setting a better example for the kids! #LitterCrew

Highway Litter Patrol

Caught this person throwing trash out his truck on the 516 W. He did it multiple times.

Savannah Mall Trash

It’s time for some clean up outside Savannah Mall. These bottles have been in this spot at the Rio Road entrance all week. ‪#‎LitterCrew‬

Wendy’s on MLK

I was sitting in the Wendy’s parking lot and the person in the back seat if this white care threw a cup out the window. #LitterCrew

Sam’s Parking Lot

This is what someone left in the Sam’s Club parking lot on Mont. Cross Road. #LitterCrew

Daffin Park Clown

A young man decided to knock over a trash barrel in Daffin Park and then while the trash spilled out he stood on the can just like a circus clown walking on a barrel. Photo taken Sunday, May 24 at 2:10 pm near Grayson Stadium.

Talmadge Bridge Litter

Lots of trash near the Talmadge Bridge?!?!?! #LitterCrew

Oglethorpe Mall Library #2

Public library Oglethorpe Mall #LitterCrew

Oglethorpe Mall Library

Public library Oglethorpe Mall #LitterCrew

Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club

More use of the “curbside garbage can” in front of Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club of trash. #LitterCrew

Frank Callen Boys and Girl’s Club

More litter generated by Frank Callen Boys and Girls Club. Out the car door dumped on the curb. #LitterCrew

Cigarette littering

Male driving behind Walmart and Kroger on Abercorn (Roger Warlick Deive) threw a lit cigarette out of his driver side window. Gold truck. #LitterCrew

Cig Butt

I guess being stuck in traffic on Ogeechee Rd stressed her out, so she threw her cigarette butts out the window. #LitterCrew

Helping Hands

Come on ‪#‎Savannah‬. Love your city, not litter. Took two quick minutes for us to clean up. Come on Savannah. Stop littering. #LitterCrew

Flicking a cigarette on our street

Exiting the Truman at Whitefield and this guy flicks a cigarette out the window at it hits our car before it will find its place in our environment for the next few years? #LitterCrew

Cigs don’t count?!?

Watched to woman in purple smoke cigarettes and throw into the Savannah River. Why do smokers think this is apparently not littering?!?! #LitterCrew

Dog Poop in State Street

This lady looked barely sheepish as she sauntered past me after walking away from her dog’s poop pile…right in the middle of the sidewalk on State St.!

That’s a bench, not a trash can.

Forsyth Park! Disgusting! Come on people! #LitterCrew

Plastic Bags on Tybee

Plastic bags are everywhere!! ‪#‎littercrew‬ ‪#‎justsaynothanks‬ ‪#‎byobproject‬

Trash on the Beach

I’m so thankful for this campaign!! The planet Needs our help! #LitterCrew

Cigarettes are trash too!

I didn’t get the actual toss of the butt but I did get the license plate. Crisp county take your litter back home. #LitterCrew

Walmart Parking Lot

Just watched a lady dump all her fast food trash at the Montgomery Crossroads Walmart. #LitterCrew

No respect…

Just watched this man open his window and throw trash out at the intersection of Montgomery and DeRenne. #LitterCrew

Charles Ellis

Recycling is great Charles Ellis. Can you guys keep it IN the receptacles? #LitterCrew

The Pirate’s House

This is what we like to see, trash where it belongs. Thanks to The Pirates’ House for keeping the perimeter of their property nice and tidy!

Great job Savannah Development and Renewal Authority!

Bravo to our ‪#‎LitterCrew‬ friends at the Savannah Development and Renewal Authority who organized a big ol’ litter pickup on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard yesterday. The road looked spotless!

Boys & Girls Club

Bad news for the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Clubs. Our ‪#‎LitterCrew‬witnessed a staff member dropping this bag of trash just outside the front door. We hope next time they will think before they throw!

Grease nastyness

Grease traps on Drayton ramp just look terrible. Grease litter. #LitterCrew

DeRenne at Habersham #2

Cars were dodging left and right not to run over the trash. Paper was flying up into the air and blocking driver’s viewpoints. Litter is dangerous! #LitterCrew

DeRenne at Habersham

We stumbled across this trashy intersection at DeRenne Ave. and Habersham. Paper + Styrofoam littered on all sides of the street. Not sure what happened here, but it sure is ugly. ‪#‎LitterCrew‬

Peanut shells in elevator

Saw these peanut shells in the Whitaker St. garage elevator. Small, I know, but there are trash cans right outside the elevator on every level. Seems rude to expect somebody else to clean up this trash. #LitterCrew


While at Publix about 3:20pm (Abercorn St) I noticed the driver in the pictured vehicle reach across to the passenger side of the car and drop trash out of the vehicle. Not long after the passengers arrived and the toddler dropped trash at the rear of the vehicle, before they drove away. (Gold car/ tag-…

White Honda Accord

At the intersection of Montgomery and DeRenne, the driver opened her door and threw this out. #LitterCrew


Photo taken at 8:00 am this morning at Victory Dr and Hwy 17. This person threw a bag and cup out of his window. #LitterCrew

Plastic Bags on the Beach

Such a shame! Not only is this an eye sore for those trying to enjoy our beaches, it’s a death sentence for many of our local wildlife. Think before you throw, friends! Have some respect for our community, both human and animal alike! ‪#‎LitterCrew‬

A Chicken Bone? Really?

Gwinett near Kroger. Did you know it takes up to 1 year for a chicken bone to decompose! Garbage can was about 50 feet away. Talk about being lazy! Just people who don’t care about this beautiful historic city. #LitterCrew

Truman at Abercorn

Cigarettes litter the curbs in Savannah. Disgusting. #LitterCrew

31st and E Broad

“Is it any surprise that The Walking Dead is filmed in the South? Half of it already looks like the apocalypse came and went.” #LitterCrew

Anderson at Grove.

Neighbors say it’s Savannah Classical Academy property and that they have their hands full keeping the vagrants and litter at bay. #LitterCrew


What a disgusting mess! One of our‪ #‎LitterCrew‬ members stumbled across this scene off of Reynolds Street. If you know this person, can you please educate them on the proper way to dispose of their trash? We’d appreciate it!

Cleaning up Ft McAllister

Local group of geocachers gathered at Ft McAllister to give back and clean up.

Cleaning up Ft McAllister

A group of geocachers gathered at Ft McAllister to “give back” to such a great park.

Oak Forest Dump

Old photo, calls to everyone you would think to call, nothing, pile is much bigger now, i will post updated photo when it is safe to walk back around there. ps your mobile site is not user friendly, just saying.

Oak Forest Trash

Shameful landlord dumping on my property, police will do nothing, county suggest I build a bigger fence, no word from commissioner, be careful you will get shot at after dark in this area.

A different form of litter

Gross! This is someone’s home. #LitterCrew

Trash Pile

Welcome to Savannah! Here’s a big pile of trash… #LitterCrew

A lone Zaxby bag

Looks like this litterbug was too lazy to get out of the car. Just left their bag of trash on the ground without a care in the world. Wonder who they think is going to pick it up? Their mom? #LitterCrew

Old Tires

I see a lot of this in my neighborhood. What’s the proper way to dispose of used tires?


Cigarettes are trash too! Think before you throw. Our #LitterCrew is watching you…

Biodegradable: yes. But still dirty!

A member of our ‪#‎LitterCrew‬ caught this driver tossing orange peels from her car. Although they are biodegradable, these peels are still dirtying up our city! Think before you throw! You never know who’s watching…

Dirty Diaper Duty

Gross Factor has reached 100%! This dirty diaper was found in a parking lot where trash cans were easily accessible. Don’t be lazy. Throw away your trash! ‪#‎LitterCrew‬

Highway Trash

Does anyone recognize this truck? A member of our ‪#‎LitterCrew‬ was following behind him on the highway and witnessed several plastic bags flying up out of the bed. Please make more of an effort! The beds of our trucks are not the same as trash cans!

Litterbug spotted at Victory + Truman Pkwy!

I was sitting at the red light at Victory + Truman Parkway when I saw these gentleman rummaging through his backpack and throwing his trash onto the street! You can see some of it just beside his bike (the rest of it blew away into the wind.) DON’T BE A LITTERBUG! Find a trash can…

Ellis Square trash

Came across this trashy scene in beautiful Ellis Square! 🙁

Great job!

Spotted this Good Samaritan picking up trash as he walked his dog at Victory Dr. and Abercorn St. Thanks for doing your part!


I wonder, will she throw her newspaper down when she’s through with that too?

Such A Shame

Savannah is too beautiful to be littered.


This chick dropped her trash right in front of me! #rude

Caught in the Act

Savannah doesn’t want to be seen as trashy. Pick up your garbage and keep our city beautiful. Spotted 2/24/2015.

You never know who’s watching

Trashy. Stupid. Illegal. Think Before You Throw. Fines up to $500.

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