Keep Savannah CleanKeep Savannah Clean

Our Initiative

Keep Savannah Clean is a public-private partnership and city-wide campaign designed to raise public awareness about littering and to emphasize the negative impact litter has on the Savannah community.

The goal is to reduce litter in Savannah by 50%

Put Litter In Its Place

The Keep Savannah Clean campaign aims to reduce litter in Savannah by 50% through strategic education initiatives, community outreach and enforcement efforts.

Don't Trash Savannah

Community leaders visit students in their classrooms to explain why littering is bad for community morale, the city’s economy and our coastal environment.

Drop the Trash. Pay the Cash.

On March 3, 2019, the Savannah Police Department began issuing tickets to individuals who litter within city limits. Tickets will result in fines and/or community service.

Broken Windows Theory

Developed by leading criminologists, the broken windows theory states that a broken window left in disrepair signals a lack of community pride and accountability, making it easier for crime to occur in a given area. Substitute litter for the broken window, and it is easy to see how a few pieces of litter can lead to a rise in neighborhood crime, including vandalism and graffiti, and a decrease in property values. The bottom line is that reducing litter helps reduce crime in our community. Well-kept neighborhoods and clean streets send a signal that people care about where they live and work. They indicate that residents don’t tolerate disobedience or criminal activity.

It’s time for all of us to stand up to help keep Savannah Clean.

Our Partners

Carey Hiliard's Restaurant
Dulany Industries
Hunter Maclean
Judge Realty
The Kennickell Group
Savannah Area Chamber
Savannah Downtown Business Association
Savannah Economic Development Authority
Southern Motors
Chatam Orthopedics
River Street Sweets
Savannah Tire
Seacrest Partners
Thomas & Hutton
Creative Approach
J E Dunn Construction
Fairway Outdoor
Marlin Outdoor Advertising
Adams Outdoor
Cumulus Media
Dick Broadcasting
CW Savannah