Keep Savannah CleanKeep Savannah Clean

A Clean Start

Savannah has earned a reputation as the Most Beautiful City in America. Let’s take pride in where we live, work and play. We hope you’ll celebrate the beauty of our community and join the movement to Keep Savannah Clean.

This Is My Home. Don’t Trash It.

If you throw a paper cup in a trash can, it’s garbage. If you toss it on the ground, it’s litter. Your split-second decision has the power to make a positive or negative impact on Savannah.

Keep Savannah Clean is a public-private partnership and city-wide campaign designed to raise awareness about the impact of littering and to encourage community-wide education, outreach and enforcement.

Drop the Trash. Pay the Cash.

The Savannah Police Department began issuing tickets and enforcing litter laws on March 3rd, 2019. Review Savannah’s littering ordinances to learn more.

Did You Know?

$11.5 billion is spent each year on litter clean-up and removal across the United States. In Georgia, that total exceeds $16 million annually.

Keep Savannah Clean

Raising awareness about litter through public education is only possible through the generosity of individuals like you who care about our community.
Help us Keep Savannah Clean by contributing to the cause.

Keep Savannah Clean